Vancouver boy meets a really nice guy in Obama

first_imgVancouver’s Thomas Bieniewicz had a nice moment with Barack Obama in Portland on Tuesday and declared the president a “really nice guy.”Ten-year-old Thomas was on the tarmac with his dad, Col. Mike Bieniewicz, when Air Force One landed at the Oregon Air National Guard Base.“He wanted to meet the president,” said Mike, a 29-year Air Force veteran.Seems Dad got to meet the president in 2010, and Thomas wanted in on this chance. So, he went to work with Dad.“That was pretty fun,” Thomas said Tuesday night.“He’s a really nice guy, and I personally think he’ll probably beat Romney, because he’s a really good president.”Thomas is in the Challenge program at Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School in Vancouver.“He asked me my age. If I was enjoying school. And if I was having a good summer vacation,” Thomas said. “I knew he was a pretty nice guy from the beginning.”Mike is the commander of the combat operations group of the Oregon Air National Guard.“Being there at the base, I’ve had a chance to meet several of the presidents,” Mike said. The others were Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.“President Obama, he definitely has an energy,” Mike said. “He’s looking right at you. He’s genuinely interested.”The colonel said he was hoping the president would talk to Thomas and said he simply said to Obama, “Sir, it’s good to see you again and thanks for coming to Portland.”“He spent a nice moment with Tommy. Tommy was very excited,” Mike said.Mike promotes the Air Force to Thomas. The colonel has been deployed to Turkey, Saudia Arabia and Iceland.“He likes to talk about the Army and Navy off and on, and I keep putting in a plug for the Air Force. He wants to serve his country.”last_img read more

Rescued pit bull gets new lease on life

first_imgAfter having his front legs shattered by his previous owners, London the two-legged pit bull has settled into his new home in Southeast Portland.London started out at the Humane Society of Del Norte in Crescent City, Calif., almost two months ago. When staff at the shelter realized they couldn’t care for London, Panda Paws Rescue, a Vancouver-based animal rescue organization, took in London and raised money for surgery to remove his ruined front legs.While London healed from surgery, Panda Paws received more than 100 applications from people wanting to adopt the 7-month-old pit bull.Frances Gehring, a project manager at Nike, wanted to adopt London after she started following his story online.“I was absolutely amazed,” she said.London has more than 10,300 followers on Facebook and is the face for a scholarship fund through Panda Paws Rescue. The organization has raised $13,659 to pay for medical care for other dogs in need.Gehring adopted London on Sept. 10. He’s healed from surgery and has made a smooth transition into his new home with Gehring, her two roommates and her English springer spaniel, Max. She said London shows no signs of post-traumatic stress from his ordeal in California.Although she’s never had a dog with special needs, Gehring has worked with people who have special needs.“This is something I really wanted to do. It teaches me a lot about empathy,” she said.She said London is a great ambassador for his breed and for animals with special needs. When London is 1 year old, Gehring plans to get him certified as a therapy dog.last_img read more

An outing most foul for young Blazers center

first_imgPORTLAND — In every cleft and angle on his action movie-hero’s body, the potential of Meyers Leonard’s career can be adored and appreciated.That’s why the Portland Trail Blazers dedicated the 11th pick of the NBA draft to the young 7-foot-1 center from Illinois. On those broad shoulders and carved muscles, there lies the solution to the Blazers’ big problem — a big man, healthy and capable, who could one day anchor the paint.This potential, however, also takes patience.On Monday night with the visiting Utah Jazz and their roster of big bodies on the Rose Garden floor, the opportunity presented Leonard with the best warmup for his regular-season opener against the brawn and size of the Los Angeles Lakers. But if Utah was the dress rehearsal for the Lakers, then Leonard may want to go over his lines once again.Leonard sat the closing minutes of the Blazers’ 120-114 win after fouling out. Then after the game, he sat in front of his stall, clearly steamed that someone had played a prank on him — his button-down shirt and blue jeans were tied tightly in knots.It wasn’t the rookie’s night and he was not in the mood to discuss his six-foul, four-rebound, eight-point performance.“I don’t want to talk tonight,” Leonard told a reporter who requested his time.“I’m sorry.”In the six preseason games of his young career, Leonard has collected 25 personal fouls — he’s easily the most punished Blazer of the preseason.last_img read more

Boston waits to see whether security hampers marathon festivity

first_imgBOSTON — There’s a tense excitement running through this city as it prepares for the 118th Boston Marathon, a uniquely Bostonian event, held on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday of April, which celebrates the first battles of the Revolutionary War.Residents are waiting to see how much of the traditional carefree spirit of Marathon Monday will remain after officials implement security measures to make the 26.2-mile route “the safest place on the planet,” a goal the long-term race director outlined last week.The numbers are impressive: There will be about 4,000 uniformed and plainclothes police officers and National Guard soldiers along the course, more than double the number from last year.Law enforcement officers will be watching live video feeds from 100 cameras along the route — 25 erected just for the race — and from at least one helicopter.There will be nearly 100 K-9 units, double the number from last year; and 260 people gathered in the multi-agency coordination center, three times the number from last year, to monitor security during the race.last_img read more

Car prowler hits several vehicles overnight in Washougal

first_imgPolice are looking for a car prowler who rummaged through several vehicles early Tuesday morning in Washougal. Five residents on F, G and K streets reported that someone had gotten into their cars and picked through their belongings overnight. A number of items were reported missing, including several cellphone chargers, loose change and a $175 Samsung tablet. Surveillance video from a camera mounted on a home nearby shows a white male casually entering the cars sometime between midnight and 6 a.m., Det. Kate Tierney said. All the cars had been left unlocked, Tierney said.“So, he was just able to open the doors,” she said. “I don’t have any damage to vehicles.” Police haven’t had any other recent reports of car prowlers in the area, and they don’t have any leads at this point, Tierney said. They estimate the prowler is in his late teens or early twenties, and the video shows him carrying a dark backpack and wearing a baseball hat. Investigators ask anyone with information on the incidents to contact Sgt. Geoff Reijonen with the Washougal Police Department at 360-835-8701.last_img read more

Hoops on the River returns but at the park

first_imgWhat: Three-on-three basketball tournament on the streets surrounding Esther Short Park, with music, food, vendors and clinics for young players.Where: Esther Short Park, West Eighth and Columbia streets, Vancouver.When: noon to 9 p.m. Friday, followed by free screening of “Hoosiers” in the park from 9 to 10:30 p.m.; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. team tournament play Saturday and Sunday. Check website for information on associated events.Cost: Free to watchInformation: or www.oneteamkids.comHoops on the River might want to change its name to Hoops in the Park.The event, created by Susie Oberst as a fundraiser for Share House, has moved from its traditional spot next to the Columbia River to Esther Short Park this year — and that’s far from the only change.Two former participants, James Welch and Eric Anderson, are working with Share House to transfer the event to the One Team Kids Foundation, a group they started to provide extracurricular activities for underprivileged children. The event will still raise money for Share House, but the two decided to take it over after it grew a bit too large for the charity to manage, they said.“It grew and grew and grew, and it became really challenging for them,” Anderson said. “So about 14 months ago, they sent out a message saying they would have to re-evaluate it. When we saw that we were heartbroken, so we made an agreement with them to work together on it and eventually transfer it to One Team Kids.”last_img read more

Obama scores coalition victory with Arab strikes

first_imgNEW YORK — For President Barack Obama, the participation of five Arab nations in airstrikes in Syria has shifted the tenor of his three-day diplomatic mission at the United Nations, allowing him to use the unexpected cooperation to mobilize reluctant other nations to join the fight against Islamic State militants.It’s a marked change for a president who has been on the defensive about his ability to form a coalition and who had been expected to show up at the U.N. with few public commitments from allies around the world.“The strength of this coalition makes it clear to the world that this is not America’s fight alone,” Obama said at the White House before departing for New York. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Bahrain all launched airstrikes alongside U.S. planes, with Qatar playing a supporting role.Senior administration officials said the coalition was quietly solidified in recent days following Secretary of State John Kerry’s flurry of meetings with regional partners and Obama’s phone calls to the monarchs of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Obama gave the go-ahead for the Pentagon to launch strikes in Syria for the first time last Thursday after being briefed by military leaders at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.While officials said the timing of the strikes was not intended to coincide with the start of the annual U.N. gathering, the military action quickly became a focal point as Obama and other world leaders arrived in New York.last_img read more

Royal familys Christmas speech church lunch

first_imgSANDRINGHAM, England (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II used her traditional Christmas broadcast Thursday to call for reconciliation throughout the United Kingdom and to praise medical workers fighting Ebola in Africa.She said it will take time to heal divisions in Scotland, where a referendum was held this year on whether to remain part of Britain, and praised progress resolving the conflict in Northern Ireland. Elizabeth cited the “Christmas truce” in 1914 as an example to be remembered.“Something remarkable did happen that Christmas, exactly 100 years ago today,” she said. “Without any instruction or command, the shooting stopped and German and British soldiers met in No Man’s Land. Photographs were taken and gifts exchanged. It was a Christmas truce.”She said German forces sang “Silent Night” so that it could be heard on the British side of the front line.“That carol is still much-loved today, a legacy of the Christmas truce, and a reminder to us all that even in the unlikeliest of places hope can still be found,” the queen said before wishing everyone a happy Christmas.The queen writes her own Christmas speech, which is pre-recorded and televised in many parts of the world. She made her first Christmas broadcast on radio in 1952.last_img read more

Questioning of jurors begins in Colorado theater shooting case

first_imgCENTENNIAL, Colo. — Prospective jurors in the Colorado theater shooting case were being questioned Wednesday about their views on the death penalty and mental illness as the second phase of jury selection began.In the months ahead, the judge and lawyers on both sides are expected to question hundreds of people who were not excused after filling out lengthy questionnaires. The first person questioned — a woman who appeared to be in her 20s — expressed some reservations about the death penalty but said she could keep an open mind. She was asked to return for the next round of selection.James Holmes, wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt and dark gray slacks, sat at the defense table doodling and didn’t look up when District Attorney George Brauchler told the woman she might have to vote on whether to impose the death penalty.The woman, whose name was not disclosed, said she believes killing is morally wrong. But when asked whether she could recommend the death sentence, she responded: “It’s hard to say in a murder case because what’s the punishment for someone who broke that rule and killed someone.”last_img read more

Complaint filed against Imperial Pacific for failure to pay US15 million annual

first_img Imperial Pacific pays remaining US$10.5 million balance on annual license fee IPI must also pay another US$502,570 based on a Consumer Price Index adjustment, leaving a total of US$10,502,570 still unpaid.“We have issued a complaint today that is going to the Commission,” said CCC Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero, the man who filed the complaint, according to Marianas Variety. “That is the way we’re going to enforce this. Now IPI has 15 calendar days to cure the deficiency.”Deleon Guerrero said the CCC has the power to enforce an additional US$50,000 fine for each day after 12 August that the full amount due isn’t paid.IPI’s failure to pay its license fee comes after recent reports that the company has paid just US$41,000 in Business Gross Revenue Tax since 1 July 2018. IPI has since suggested it should be allowed to use tax credits earned in recent years in lieu of paying more taxes this year so it can conserve funds for the completion of its Saipan integrated resort, Imperial Palace‧Saipan.It has also been alleged that IPI owes US$73 million in taxes and debts to vendors – a figure that has seen the company and the CCC embroiled in a court battle over the public release of its financial statements.IPI issued a profit warning earlier this month stating that it expects to record a net loss for the six months to 30 June 2019. Imperial Pacific adds to Board of Directors as regulator looks to impose US$375,000 fine for late license fee payment Calls for 10% gaming tax renewed as report reveals Imperial Pacific tax payments of just US$21,000 in 2019 The casino regulatory body of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC), has issued a complaint against Imperial Pacific International for failing to pay its US$15 million annual license fee.Despite being informed by IPI last week that it had paid the fee, due on 12 August 2019, by wire transfer, the CCC has since discovered the company paid only US$5 million. Load More RelatedPostslast_img read more

EXCLUSIVE Jelf Employee Benefits sees 14 of staff take up Christmas savings

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Jelf Employee Benefits has achieved a 14% take-up rate for its Christmas savings club, with 168 employees saving through the scheme over the last 12 months.The Christmas savings club aims to help the organisation’s employees to save and take control of their finances, while reducing financial stress around the festive season.Employees can save any amount in multiples of £5 into the savings club, which is deducted from monthly net pay. An average of £9,800 is saved into the Christmas savings club each month, equating to an average of £58 per employee.The scheme runs from October to the following September. The yearly pay out is in October to help staff financially in the run up to Christmas.Jelf Employee Benefits, which employs around 1,200 staff, has been running the savings club for the past 11 years. The organisation communicates the scheme to employees via its intranet, and undertook an internal communications drive in 2015 to further promote the scheme to staff.Katie Vye (pictured), senior Money at Work consultant at Jelf Employee Benefits, said: “There’s still a bit of a taboo about savings clubs, particularly with the high-profile collapse of an independent Christmas savings club a few years ago. That’s why we believe an employer-backed savings club is a much safer way for individuals to save and we would encourage other employers to follow our lead.“There can also be a reticence amongst employers that these types of schemes are patronising to staff and that a well-educated, well-paid workforce doesn’t want or need them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve seen take-up from a complete cross section of our staff, and in fact some people find it much easier to participate in a savings scheme via work rather than have the inconvenience of setting up a standalone bank account for such a short-term investment.“If it makes our employees’ lives easier and puts them in a stronger financial position, with the only resources required being the time to manage the scheme, we think a Christmas savings scheme is well worth it.”last_img read more

31 cite financial issues as the top cause of stress

first_imgJust under a third (31%) of employee respondents cite finances and money as the top cause of stress, according to research by BHSF Employee Benefits.Its Breaking the cycle report, which surveyed 1,000 full-time and part-time UK employees, also found that 63% of respondents are kept awake at night and are less productive at work because of stress.The research also found:19% of respondents cite family life as the top cause of stress, 16% name health as the biggest cause of stress, and 26% list their job as the main cause of stress.58% of respondents admit going into work while experiencing health or stress issues.53% of respondents would not feel comfortable approaching their employer about a mental health issue, and 31% of respondents would not feel comfortable approaching their employer about a physical health issue.28% of male respondents have taken time off over the last year because of stress or personal problems, compared to 21% of female respondents.45% of respondents would feel unable to approach their employer if personal issues such as divorce or debt were affecting their lives and performance in the workplace.17% of respondents say their employer runs mental health initiatives, and 17% do not know.71% of respondents state that their organisation offers no financial support beyond statutory sick pay.Brian Hall (pictured), managing director at BHSF Employee Benefits, said: “This report paints a devastating portrait of how professional and personal stress triggers are directly leading to mental health issues and absenteeism on an unprecedented scale, which is, unfortunately, being chronically underestimated by employers and is a potential time bomb under workplace productivity.“Employees and their employers are caught in a vicious cycle, which begins with a gradual build up of stress, both inside and outside work, leading onto job performance issues, absenteeism and ultimately long-term sick leave. Our objective with this research is not to blame employers, but to help them gain a much better understanding of the issues involved and, hopefully, encourage a more proactive approach to employee wellbeing. Over the long-term, this approach can help build a much more resilient workforce, able to withstand the pressures of modern life and, ultimately, improve productivity.”last_img read more

Washington to legislate for paid family and medical leave

first_imgWashington has passed a bill to introduce a new paid family and medical leave benefit for employees based in the US state.The new family and medical leave programme, which will come into effect from 1 January 2020, will enable eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of paid family leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition or to bond with a child in the first year after their birth or placement. Employees will be able to take up to 12 weeks of paid medical leave for their own serious health condition.Employees can take up to 16 weeks of family and medical leave combined in a year. A further two weeks can be taken if the employee experiences pregnancy-related complications.The family and medical leave must be taken in the 12-month period following the birth or adoption of a child or in the 12-months following an application for the benefit.Pay for the new leave programme will equate to up to 90% of an employee’s average weekly earnings if their salary is 50% or less than the state’s average weekly wage. If the employee’s average weekly earnings are higher than 50% of the state’s average weekly wage then they will receive 90% of their weekly wage up to 50% of the state’s average weekly wage and 50% of their average weekly wage that is greater than the state average.The minimum weekly benefit is $100 (£77), and if an employee’s weekly wage is under this threshold, the employee will be paid their full wage. The maximum is $1,000 (£772) a week.From 30 September 2020, the maximum weekly benefit amount will be reviewed annually and adjusted to 90% of the state’s average weekly wage. The adjusted amount will come into effect from January of the following year.To be eligible for the paid leave, employees will need to have completed 820 hours of service.The leave will be financed by employer and employee premiums, initially set at 0.4% of wages and commencing from 1 January 2019. An employer can opt to pay an employee’s share of the premiums.Organisations with 50 or fewer employees are exempt from paying the employer premiums.Employers may opt out of the paid family and medical leave programme if they offer a plan that is at least equivalent to the benefits provided to staff under the state’s programme.Unless expressly permitted by an employer, the new family and medical leave insurance programme is to be taken concurrently with any leave taken under the statutory Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which provides 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave.The bill has been approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives, and will now go to the governor of Washington to be signed.Jay Inslee, governor of Washington, said: “All too often, new parents and those with ageing or sick loved ones face no-win decisions pitting the need for a pay check against the need to be there for their family. Our nation should not be the outlier in helping families navigate these difficult situations.”last_img read more

Make Collective offers bonuses to employees who cycle to work

first_imgNew Zealand-based advertising and creative agency Make Collective offers its six employees a financial year-end bonus if they cycle to and from work.The initiative, which launched in February 2018, awards employees $5 (£2.63) a day if they cycle on their commute. Employees that maintain cycling to and from work for more than half a year will receive a larger award of $10 (£5.27) a day. These awards are paid out as a bonus at the end of the year.Make Collective introduced the new initiative in order to help motivate employees who wished to cycle to work, but who found it hard to commit long-term to this goal. In addition, the incentive scheme has been designed to continue the organisational ethos of having a positive work-life balance and a relaxed workplace environment.Tim Chesney, director at Make Collective, said: “I’m a keen cyclist and have commuted to work for several years. The benefits of cycling are pretty well [documented] at a personal, workplace, city and global level. As someone who cycles a lot, I often hear people say that they’d love to cycle to work but find it hard to actually commit to doing it. The same went for my employees. So, I got to thinking about what would be a good incentive to get people to give it a go and the most obvious answer was cash.“It’s hard to know what the benefits will be to the business but my gut instinct is that it will result in good outcomes for the business as a whole, from increased energy, reduced stress [and] better health. I’ve always tried to create a workplace that is relaxed and has a good work-life balance, so [the initiative is] more a continuation of that ethos.“I had the idea last year and floated it past everyone. We had numerous discussions about what would be the best solution, how to track it and some of the details, [for example], should it be a flat rate or tied to the number of kilometres cycled? Once we had a rough agreement that we had a scheme that was fair to everyone and would also be sufficient [motivation], I then crunched the numbers and decided it was worth a go.”last_img read more

Top 10 most read stories 1218 April 2018

first_imgThe 10 most read stories on between 12 and 18 April 2018 were:EAT rules shared parental leave and maternity pay are not comparablePersonal assistant to be paid £75,000 for driving supercarsWhat can employers do to address gender pay disparity?US court rules in favour of Uber in employment status caseHays UK, TalkTalk and GSK shortlisted for best financial wellbeing strategyTGI Friday’s waiters to be balloted for strike action in dispute over tips and minimum wage BrewDog and Goodman Masson shortlisted for most engaging benefits propositionUniversity employees vote to accept proposal to resolve pensions dispute40% of employees are happy with their benefits packageAnglian Water and Three UK shortlisted for best healthcare and wellbeing benefitslast_img read more

Construction worker rescued from Sarasota highrise

first_imgSARASOTA, Fla. (WSVN) — Crews rescued a construction worker from a scaffold that was dangling from a Sarasota high-rise, Monday morning.A firefighter was lowered from the roof to the 10th floor and brought the worker down safely.The worker was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be OK.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Passengers at busy MIA describe smooth Thanksgiving weekend travel

first_imgMIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) – Airports across the nation were packed with passengers as Thanksgiving weekend neared its end, and South Florida was no exception.Miami International Airport is expecting an increase in foot traffic by the end of the weekend, as thousands of travelers prepared to take flight.But despite the warning, passengers said they didn’t experience trouble. “Flying back on Saturday is the way to do it Thanksgiving weekend,” said Joe Wise.Transportation Security Administration officials advise travelers to come two hours early due to long lines that can develop at the security checkpoints.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Court Lets Independents Run In Alaska Democratic Primaries

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Democrats should be allowed to let independent candidates run in party primaries, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in a case with implications for this year’s elections. The court said it was affirming a lower court decision last fall, which found that the state was restricting the Alaska Democratic Party’s attempt to appeal to independent voters by not allowing unaffiliated candidates to participate in Democratic primaries. Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth said the court’s speedy decision will help the Division of Elections better prepare for the August primary. Gov Bill Walker changed his party affiliation from Republican to undeclared in joining with Democrat Byron Mallott as part of a so-called unity ticket in 2014. The duo won with Democratic support. The high court heard arguments last week. The candidate filing deadline is June 1. Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, can already vote in the Democratic primary. Politically unaffiliated, or independent, voters — those labeled as “undeclared” or “nonpartisan” — comprise the largest voting bloc in the state. The state appealed, arguing in court filings that if a party nominee doesn’t have to identify with their nominating party, the system the state uses to regulate political party status and ballot access “will cease to make sense, party labels will be uninformative, and parties will lose coherence.” The state Supreme Court said an opinion explaining its decision would be released later. The Department of Law, in a release, said election officials will be tasked with designing ballots “that clearly and accurately reflect the registration status and nominee status of candidates.”center_img Traditionally, independent candidates have gathered signatures to qualify for the ballot. Such candidates bypass the primaries and go straight to the general election. That option still exists. No Democrats have yet filed as candidates with the Division of Elections. In announcing his re-election bid, Walker said the two planned to go the signature-gathering route. Campaign spokeswoman Lindsay Hobson said nothing has changed at this point but that the campaign was reviewing the court’s decision. At least one candidate plans to run as an independent in a Democratic primary: Alyse Galvin, who is running for the U.S. House. Dimitri Shein and Gregory Jones also plan to seek the party’s nomination, as Democrats. The seat is held by Republican Rep. Don Young, who is seeking re-election. Chief Justice Craig Stowers raised doubts with the majority position but stopped short of dissenting. Alaska Democrats, in an effort to broaden their reach, changed party rules in 2016 to allow politically unaffiliated candidates to run in its primaries. The party challenged a state law requiring that primary election candidates be registered members of the party whose nomination they’re seeking. Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg in October ruled the law “substantially burdens the Party’s associational rights, and the burden is not outweighed by any significant state interests.”last_img read more

NonProfit Organizations Distribute Reusable Bags In Soldotna

first_imgThe free bags will be available at the Soldotna City Hall on November 1. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Last updated on October 11th, 2018 at 12:43 pmThe City of Soldotna has partnered with several local non-profit organizations to purchase reusable bags that can be handed out at no cost to community members at the start of the transition away from plastic. Beginning November 1st, commercial businesses in the City of Soldotna will no longer be able to provide customers with single-use, plastic disposable shopping bags for the purpose of carrying away goods from the point of sale. The following organizations have contributed reusable shopping bags:Central Peninsula Hospital – $1,000 sponsorship, plus $2,200 for 800 additional bags todistribute within their organizationKenai Watershed Forum – $1,000Cook Inlet Keeper – $1,000League of Women Voters of the Central Peninsula – $500Vision Soldotna – $500Greater Soldotna Chamber of Commerce – $500Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District – $500Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling – $500 Any business that violates the new rules after November 1st, could be subject to fines up to $300 per day, according to the ordinance adopted by the city council. Stores may choose to start offering paper bags instead of plastic, and can charge consumers on a per bag basis.  This choice is up to the individual business, and not something that is addressed in the City’s ordinance. The total contributions, combined with the City’s contribution of approximately $5,000, will allowthe purchase of 4,000 reusable bags to be distributed to community members.last_img read more

Whats Going To Happen To The Mural At The Airport

first_imgGerke and other locals would like to see the mural preserved, despite the current renovation project. The mural is located on the front side of the building. Construction is scheduled to wrap up December 1, 2019. Jack Gerke was one of those the students that helped with the mural: “This was before the pipeline money started flowing in, and Kenai was an awesome school. The kids were volunteering there time on it, they didn’t have to, but they took a lot  of pride in it. I was always really proud of those students, and the fact that I was able to help with it a little bit.”  Students in Mrs. Renee Larson’s art class from KCHS painted the mural in the spring of 1977. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享A mural painted in the late 70’s by students at Kenai Central High School was revealed last week by construction crews working on the airport’s remodel. According to Ostrander the mural will remain intact underneath the new siding. Ostrander: “There’s no way to remove them and move them somewhere elses so they will remain under the new siding. There was also the suggestion that we might want to place a plaque in front of the mural, almost like a time capsule, when we cover the mural back up with the new siding.” Kenai City Manager Paul Ostrander said part of the remodel plan consists of new siding going up around the entire airport: “In the design of the airport remodel was to re-side the building. Since we’ve uncovered the murals we are hoping to have a photographer to take some photos of the murals and do some time of photo collage inside the terminal to recognize that the mural is out there.” last_img read more